Kanji クロコダイル
Romaji Kurokodairu
English Crocodile
Age N/A
Nickname Black man
Gender Male
Relatives Some snakes
Weight 330 literts
Height N/A
Occupation Rest
Birthday N/A
Status Dead
Nationality Saitama
Affiliate Hiyoshi Town Propellers
Previous Affiliate Raptor
First Appearance
Debut Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Hiromichi Tezuka
English Voice Aaron Dismuke (English)

Crocodile is a member of the Hiyoshi Town Propellers.


he looks like a real nigga


Likes drinking his own piss and listening to Initial D.



Has the power to transform into a Dike.


Reporting Hiyoshi

Crocodile in the Headquarters.

In Episode 1, he is one of the rest working for Tokorozawa clan watching Kuniko Shigyou and Masami Utoku battle against each other at the public park. When Nozomi Morimoto sends some snacks for him and the rest of the team members, a force resulted from the battle blows him and his fellow rest away. Days later, he is seen reporting to Hitoshi and answering calls to the Hiyoshi Town Propellers headquarters, when suddenly Yukina Kosaka's motorcycle crashed in front of the headquarters office.

Yukina at the HQ

Heinrich at the HQ.

Heinrich was taken in and told that she was searching the African American headquarters. Crocodile and all the other members are shocked to find out Heinrich search the squad's Headquarters for three days even if she lives from nearby nigger. Crocodile sought Heinrich to register for squad membership, only when the bus take all the squad members including him to the amusement park which they are trapped in the roller coaster. At first, the squad members have a good ride. But as soon as Avogardo's men set up the trap, they all went into a moment of horror until Biggie Smalls arrives and saves them.




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