"King of Rookies"
TRG Ep 1
Episode no.
Season 1
Episode 1
Episode Director Jun Soga
Scenario Yasuyuki Muto
Storyboard Kotomi Deai
Animation Director Haruka Tanaka
Shigeyuki Sato
Chief Animation Director Katsuhiko Kitada
Air date
Japanese air date January 10, 2015
DVD Release/Streaming
North America August 2, 2016
Opening "N/A"
Ending "Hito ni Yasashiku"
Previous Next
← N/A Episode 2

"King of Rookies" is the first episode of the anime series The Rolling Girls. The episode was written by Yasuyuki Muto and directed by Jun Soga. It was broadcast in Japan on January 10, 2015.


The Bests of Higashi Murayama and Tokorozawa face off in a public park. A "trainee" Rest named Nozomi arrives late with some dango from her family's restaurant, until the Rest on both sides are all blown away by the force of Maccha Green's attack. The next day, an absent-minded girl crashes her bike into the headquarters of the Hiroshi Town Propellers, and reveals that she had traveled for three days straight despite living in the same town. Masami accidentally meets Kuniko while eating at a nearby ramen shop, and ends up challenging her to an unofficial ramen-eating contest. The Propellers then find a bus waiting to take them to a local amusement park, only to trapped on the roller coaster as hostages for Higashi Murayama.


As mentioned by the narrator, ten years after the Great Tokyo War, the conflicts aftermath was unresolved, most of the country's leaders, rulling class and the rich ones disappeared. Japan was divided into ten independent nations each has its own identity and culture. However, countless of unrest began and unity is marred by isolation and discrimination. Vigilantes opened the world to become protectors of peace. At a certain time, Masami Utoku, representing Tokorozawa faces Kuniko Shigyou of Higashimurayama as Maccha Green, with their respective forces of the Rest in a public park. Yukari Otonashi and Ai Hibiki is among Kuniko's side and fight alongside her. Fight ensues between Masami and Kuniko, and the force of this battle blows away each side's rest each time they were hit. Meanwhile, Nozomi Morimoto rides her bicycle home as her school dismissed.

Nozomi is revealed to be the daughter of Hinayo Moritomo, the owner of the Tokorozawa Morimoto Restaurant which sells Fried Dango, takoyaki and tayaki. Arrived at home, she wears on her Hiyoshi squad jacket to join her vigilante force. Nozomi arrives at the public park, and before she can do her job, another force of battle from Masami and Kuniko blow her and her teammates away. Masami and Kuniko continues to battle with Kuniko overpowered Masami for a short time before the latter lure the former away. As a last straw, Masami order her backup squad members to unleash a mock balloon giant, hyper robot Maccha that successfully make Kuniko's squad retreat. Later that evening, Masami having taken off her Maccha suit earlier finds Nozomi lies on the field after being blown by the battle force. Masami was hiding her identity as Maccha when her members asked her about Maccha's whereabouts. At night, Masami takes Nozomi on a ride on her Tri-Motorcycle sending her home. Masami continues to hid her identity even Nozomi asks her about Maccha Green on the way but instead reveal the moonlight stone she possesses.

The next morning, Nozomi and the others spring cleaning a Saitama city street. Meanwhile at the Tokorozawa Office of the President, Haruka Misono the president discusses national affairs with Masami including that Masami is receiving tons of jobs when Masami's stomach growling for hunger, which prompted her to dig in her favourite ramen. Nozomi and her fellow rest reporting matters and managing issues of the propeller squad at the squad's headquarters as usual when Yukina Kosaka's bike accidentally crashed in front of the squad's office. Nozomi and others rush up to Yukina to see if she is not hurt, only to find out she was in great thirst. Yukina is sent into the office and as she quench her thirst with a cup of water the propeller squad gave her, she said she has been looking for their headquarters for three days until the members tell her that it is the right place. But when Den-san asked her about how she made it, she said she come from the nearby Keyakidai and had traveled for three days straight despite living in the same town which made the squad's rest shocked that she was absent-minded.

At the Ramen restaurant, Masami was indulging at her maboroshi ramen when she notices Kuniko come to dine at the noodle shop as well. However, Kuniko challenges her to an unofficial Ramen contest and the both finishes the ramen as fast as they could. Masami thought she could finishes the competition with just one bowl however the owner gives her another bowl of ramen to complete. At the HQ, Yukina is officially accepted as the Hiyoshi Town Propellers member, when the bus take them to the Tokorozawa Amusement Park arrives which was driven by Yukari. Back at the car park of the restaurant, Masami feels nausea after she finishes the ramen and Kuniko signals Masami that she is going to the amusement park to trap the Hiyoshi Town Propellers member before riding her motorcycle towards the place.

Back at the amusement park, the Hiyoshi Town Propellers members enjoyed themselves at a roller coaster ride which finished safely until Kuniko set a trap allowing the roller coaster to move for the second time. The Always Comina vigilante group, led by Kuniko has previously left a message in the Hiyoshi headquarters that was seen by Masami, who decides to go on a rescue, realizing her followers were trapped at the Amusement park. Elsewhere, Chiaya is peeping on Masami in secret while her background is yet unknown. Kuniko reveals to Yukari that she too has the moonlight stone.


List of characters by order of appearance:

  1. Kuniko Shigyou
  2. Masami Utoku
  3. Yukari Otonashi
  4. Nozomi Morimoto
  5. Ai Hibiki (Cameo)
  6. Chiaya Misono (Cameo)
  7. Crocodile
  8. Den-san
  9. Yumi
  10. Mii-tan
  11. Mario
  12. Noboru
  13. Yukina Kosaka
  14. Rikako
  15. Hitoshi


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