"Center of the World"
TRG Ep 2
Sekai no Man'naka
Episode no.
Episode 2
Opening "Hito ni Yasashiku"
Ending "Tsuki no Bakugekiki"
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Episode 1 Episode 3

Center of the World is the 2nd episode of The Rolling Girls anime.


Masami races to the scene as the Hiroshi Town Propellers face certain doom, trapped on a roller coaster after Takumi blew up part of the track. Masami refuses to fight Kuniko without Maccha Green, but discovers that everyone except Nozomi has seen through her ruse. As the roller coaster hurtles down the tracks, Masami runs off to change into her Maccha Green outfit while a Rest from Higashi Murayama tries (and fails) to stop the coaster. At the last moment, the Propellers fly away to safety while Maccha Green arrives just in time to save Nozomi and Yukina. Kuniko has a brief flashback to her past but then decides to fight Masami anyways. The force of their battle becomes so dangerous that they end up in the same hospital for two months, while President Misono decides to keep both of their heart-shaped jewels. The next day, Nozomi and Yukina decide to travel across the country and grow stronger so they won't have to rely on Masami all the time. Before they leave, they are quickly joined by former Higashi Murayama Rest, Ai, and a girl in a gas mask named Chiaya.


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