"I Wanna Be A Hero"
Screenshot 27
Eiyū ni Akogarete
Episode no.
Episode 3
Opening "Hito ni Yasashiku"
Ending "Tsuki no Bakugekiki"
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Episode 2 Episode 4

I wanna Be A Hero is the 3rd episode of The Rolling Girls anime.


The land of Always Comima, formed under the shadow of the Twin Towers in Tokyo, is protected by a cosplay security squad and led by a Best named Thunderoad. As Thunderoad accidentally loses her heart-shaped power stone in the wig of a life-sized "Rick" model, she receives another threatening message from a terrorist group called Dynamite Bomber. Later, Nozomi and her group travel into Always Comima, but after revealing their own power stone to a couple of Knights, are quickly arrested by Thunderoad. Thunderoad believes the missing stone was stolen by Dynamite Bomber and demands they return it or they will face capital punishment. Nozomi and her group try searching the area but fail to find the stone. Meanwhile, Thunderoad laments over not having the cash to buy the life-sized Rick model, but after her pet crow discovers the missing stone, she decides to sell both her stone and the one Chiaya carried to Kuranoske for the cash to buy it.


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