Episode no.
Opening "Hito ni Yasashiku"
Ending "Tsuki no Bakugekiki"
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Episode 3 Episode 5

Dream is the 4nd episode of The Rolling Girls anime.

Short SummaryEdit

Thunderoad's assistant Noriko decides to help Nozomi's group hide out for the night, summarizing the history of Always Comima. Elsewhere, Thunderoad looks at her new purchase of the life-sized Rick model, but soon regrets her action and takes one of the stones back from Kuranoske. However, she immediately trips and drops the stone off the bridge, whereupon a roomba sucks it up. Thunderoad decides to head to Noriko's house and begs her and Nozomi's group to help find the stone, but soon another crisis emerges when some Rest from Higashi Murayama realized their prank roomba was packed with live explosives by Takumi. As security recalls all the roombas in the town, Nozomi manages to find the one with the stone, and the bomb-filled roomba latches on to the life-sized Rick model, forcing Thunderoad to tearfully take them both out before it explodes. Afterwards, Noriko admits that Dynamite Bomber was a group she invented so that Aki would stay with the Knights of the Twin Towers, and Thunderoad decides to hand off the Best duties to her. Though she gives Chihaya the stone, Chihaya decides to give it right back to Noriko, saying she needs it more.

Long SummaryEdit

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

Major Events Edit

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