"Disappointing Person"
Episode 5
Japanese "期待はずれの人"
Romanized "Kitai hazure no hito"
Opening "Hito ni Yasashiku"
Ending "Tsuki no Bakugekiki"
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Disappointing Person is the 5th episode of The Rolling Girls anime.

Prelude Edit

Himeko Uotora is seen taken home on a motorcycle rode by Tomoki Suzuka participating in a motorcycle race, the Best of Mie Motors, who operates a free bike taxi service and seeks peace with Aichi.

Plot Edit

On the way across Japan, Nozomi and her friends' motorcycle have ran out of fuel, so they push their bike along the road. After the race, Himeko is sent home by Tomoki. Upon arriving home, her father Mamoru Uotora unleashes his wrath. Soon afterwards, Mamoru's project at home and similar-looking fish statues, Shachihoko around Mie and Aichi explode at the same time, which lands him in hospital. But Mamoru insists on going home with injury to complete his statues despite being advised by doctor to stay at the hospital overnight.

After nearly being crushed by a flying piece of debris, Nozomi and her group arrive in a land linked in an uneasy peace between the Mie Motors and the Aichi Tenmusus. Soon after arriving, the group is caught and dragged into a nearby restaurant where they meet with Himeko, who met Nozomi when she was little, seeking her reason for asking Maccha Green's help. However, the vice-chief of Mie Motors crashes through a window on his motorcycle and picks a fight with Dandy, the owner of the restaurant, which he refuses to take. The biker leaves afterwards vowed to seek revenge on Aichi Tenmusu which at the same time want to avenge the Mie bikers for damaging their restaurant.

Later that night, Himeko's neighbours invites Nozomi and Yukina who sents Himeko home into her house and the neighbours reminisce about the conflict between Mie and Aichi. Himeko's father, Mamoru suggests that Nozomi look for the leader of Mie to solve the conflict after showing his neighbours Maccha's letter. Meanwhile, Dandy returns home after work, leaving Ai and Chiaya, who asleeps after getting tired to stay at the shop's back room and take care of the shop. Ai accidentally put the napping Chiaya into the refrigerator when she turned into her alien form, which is a small, yellow octopus-like creature mistaken her for an ordinary octopus.

Himeko considers helping her ailing father until she discovers her father was exaggerating his illness to guilt her into running the family business. Himeko vents her anger on her father but is slapped back. She then runs to the park where she recalls her childhood past as shachihoko maker with her father. Elsewhere, the vice-chief and his allies challenge Tomoki for his Best position, but he refuses, speeding off past them and the Aichi servers who seek revenge for their damaged restaurant. Tomoki later runs into Himeko outside as the two of them are dragged into a nearby restaurant by a few unidentified person wearing food costumes.

Characters Edit

  1. Himeko Uotora
  2. Tomoki Suzuka
  3. Nozomi Moritomo
  4. Ai Hibiki
  5. Chiaya Misono
  6. Yukina Kosaka
  7. Banko
  8. Mamoru Uotora
  9. Dandy

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