"Disappointed People"
Kitai hazure no hito
Episode no.
Opening "Hito ni Yasashiku"
Ending "Tsuki no Bakugekiki"
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Episode 4 Episode 6

Disappointed People is the 5th episode of The Rolling Girls anime.

Short SummaryEdit

A girl named Himeko arrives home just as her father's project and similar-looking statues around Mie and Aichi explode at the same time. After nearly being crushed by a flying piece of debris, Nozomi and her group arrive in a land linked in an uneasy peace between the Mie Motors and the Aichi Tenmusus. Soon after arriving, the group is caught and dragged into a nearby restaurant where they meet with Himeko, seeking her reason for asking Maccha Green's help. However, the vice-chief of Mie Motors crashes through a window on his motorcycle and picks a fight with Dandy, the owner of the restaurant, which he refuses to take. After the biker leaves, Dandy suggests that Nozomi look for the leader of Mie. Later that night, Himeko's neighbors reminisce about the conflict between Mie and Aichi, while Himeko considers helping her ailing father until she discovers her father was exaggerating his illness to guilt her into running the family business. Elsewhere, the vice-chief and his allies challenge Tomoki for his Best position, but he refuses, speeding off past them and the Aichi servers who seek revenge for their damaged restaurant. Tomoki later runs into Himeko outside as the two of them are dragged into a nearby restaurant.

Long SummaryEdit



Major EventsEdit

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