Hito ni Yasashiku

TRG Opening Hito ni Yasashiku cover

Band The Blue Hearts (Original)
Main Characters VA (Anime)
Kanji 人にやさしく
Romaji Hito ni Yasashiku
English Be Kind to People
Starting Episode Episode 1
Ending Episode Episode 12
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"Hito ni Yasashiku"(人にやさしく Be Kind to People) is the opening of the The Rolling Girls anime and was the first single by the Japanese band The Blue Hearts back in February 25, 1987.


Although this song was sung by The Blue Hearts a male punk band, it is covered by the voice actress of the anime's main characters to reflect the main characters' gender.


List of Characters by order of appearance:


Rolling Girls OP01:30

Rolling Girls OP

Hito ni Yasashiku (人にやさしく) - THE BLUE HEARTS English Subs03:18

Hito ni Yasashiku (人にやさしく) - THE BLUE HEARTS English Subs

ki ga kuruisou yasashii uta ga suki de
aa anata nimo kikasetai
kono mama boku wa ase o kaiteikiyou
aa itsu mademo kono mama sa
boku wa itsudemo uta o utau toki wa
maikurofon no naka kara
ganbare tte itteiru
kikoetehoshii anata nimo

hito wa dare demo kujikesou ni naru mono
 aa boku datte ima datte
 sakebanakereba yarikirenai omoi o
 aa taisetsu ni sutenaide
 hito ni yasashiku
 shitemoraenainda ne
 boku ga itteyaru
 dekkai koe de itteyaru
 ganbare tte itteyaru
 kikoeru kai ganbare!

yasashisa dake ja
 hito wa aisenai kara
 aa nagusameteagerarenai
 kitai hazure no kotoba o iu toki ni
 kokoro no naka dewa
 ganbare tte itteiru
 kikoetehoshii anata nimo

気が狂いそう やさしい歌が好きで
 ああ あなたにも聞かせたい
 このまま僕は 汗をかいて生きよう
 ああ いつまでもこのままさ
僕はいつでも 歌を歌う時は
聞こえてほしい あなたにも

人は誰でも くじけそうになるもの
 ああ 僕だって今だって
叫ばなければ やり切れない思いを
 ああ 大切に捨てないで
聞こえるかい ガンバレ!

 ああ なぐさめてあげられない
期待はずれの 言葉を言う時に
聞こえてほしい あなたにも

I feel like I’m going crazy, with how much I love this kind song,
 Ahh, and I want to sing it for you too!
 Let’s just keep sweating our way through life,
 Ahh, always making an effort to stay as we are now.
 It’s always like this when I sing a song:
 The inside of my microphone,
 Is saying, “Give it your all!”,
And I want you to hear it too,
 So keep it up!

Everyone gets a little down sometimes,
 Ahh, even me… even right now!
 There are some feelings you just can’t handle if you don’t scream them out,
 Ahh, so be careful with them and don’t just toss ’em aside!
 You just can’t get,
 People to treat you nicely;
 Well, I’ll tell them off –
In a loud voice, I’ll tell them off!
 I’ll tell you to, “Give it your all!”
Can you hear me? Go get ’em!

Kindness alone,
 Won’t enable you to love someone,
 Ahh, ’cause you can’t comfort them.
 When I say things people aren’t expecting,
 The inside of my heart,
 Is saying, “Give it your all!”,
And I want you to hear it too;
 Go for it!

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