Japanese ケン
Romanized Ken
English Ken
Gender Male
Relatives N/A
Occupation Rest
Status Active
Nationality Higashi Murayama Dangers
First Appearance
Debut Episode 4
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Yoshiaki Hasegawa
English Voice Kyle Phillips
Ken is a rest of Higashi Murayama Dangers along with Tatsuhiko and Sumire. In Episode 4, he, Tatsuhiko and Sumire released a prank roomba into the city, which they realised was packed with live explosives by Takumi after reading its' letter. Aki orders the security recalls all the roombas in the town to the charging center and destroy one filled with roomba before it explodes. After the incident, he and the two other Higashi Murayama Rests are sent to Aki's headquarters for interrogation.