Masami Utoku
Kanji 宇徳 真茶未
Romaji Utoku Masami
English Masami Utoku
Nickname {{{nickname}}}
Gender Female
Occupation Best
Birthday N/A
Status Alive
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First Appearance
Debut Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Ayumi Fujimura
English Voice Colleen Clinkenbeard

No matter what I'll always protect you

Masami Utoku is the vigilante leader of Hiyoshi Town Propellers of Tokorozawa as well as the Mosa Maccha Green. She is also childhood friends with Moritomo Nozomi.

★ Appearance ★Edit

Masami is a girl with long, messy brown hair and deep grey-blue eyes. She has fake reading glasses on top of her head.

She is often seen with a wide, white scarf resting on top of her matching navy collared shirt and jacket that represents her group, "Hiyoshi Town Propellers". This is followed by having lighter tones of clothing such as a complimenting baby blue jeans and high white boots.

★ Personality ★Edit

Masami is a kind girl who cares about her subordinates and those close to her. She is rather stubborn with her secret identity Macha Green being revealed. It's quite funny since everyone knows she is Macha Green but she still insists that she is not and hides away to change into her Macha Green costume. .

★ Relationships ★Edit

Moritomo Nozomi

Nozomi and her are neighbours. They are so close that they are practically sisters. They grew up together and Utoku cares for her like a big sister. When they were children, she pretended to drown and so Moritomo Nozomi tried to rescue her. However, things didn't turn out well and Nozomi was the one ended up drowning! They were both rescued. Because of this past incident, Utoku didn't want to be protected by Nozomi anymore and wanted to protect her and not make her worry anymore. They both care about each other a lot.

★ Background ★Edit

She is the leader (Best) of the group "Hiyoshi Town Propellers". A Best who fights for Tokorozawa as the green-suited superhero "Maccha Green (マッチャグリーン Matcha Gurīn?)," though everyone but Nozomi has correctly guessed that they are the same person. Heavily injured after fighting with Kuniko.



Masami (Maccha Green) faces off Kuniko in the public park.

In Episode 1, she faces off against Kuniko Shigyou from Higashimurayama in a public park, both supported by their respective Rests from behind with Yukari Otonashi back up Kuniko. Asking Kuniko about the Twin Tower Declaration, a declaration used to resolve peace between clans, she denies it and initiates the fight and the fight between them begins. Their rests watching the fight and supporting them are blown away each time the battle emits waves of force.


Masami takes Nozomi home.

That evening, she found Nozomi lies on the field in the park, when being asked about whereabouts of Maccha Green, she hides her identity and says Maccha is okay although she herself is really Maccha Green. That night she took Nozomi home and advice her not to get close to where the Bests are fighting, and reveals to her the moonlight stone she has as her lucky charm. The next day, she is called to the Tokorozawa President Office to meet President Haruka Misono as she receives many jobs offer to Masami. While discussing about the home issue of Tokorozawa, Masami's stomach growl for hunger, prompted her the will to eat food.

★ Gallery ★Edit

★ Trivia ★Edit

  • Her nickname when she was a kid was Ma-chan.
  • She drives a "Kamasaki" H1 MIII.
  • Her glasses are fake.


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