Nozomi Moritomo
Nozomi Moritomo
Kanji 森友 望未
Romaji Moritomo Nozomi
English Nozomi Moritomo
Gender Female
Relatives Tomomori Morimoto (father)
Hinayo Moritomo (mother)
Occupation Rest
Status Alive
Nationality Tokorozawa
First Appearance
Debut Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Ari Ozawa
English Voice Felecia Angelle

Nozomi Moritomo (森友 望未 Moritomo Nozomi?) is the sole daughter of the Moritomo family and a normal girl whose family runs the Moritomo Restaurant in Tokorozawa. The protagonist and a new recruit of the Hiroshi Town Propellers. A childhood friend of Masami who seeks to grow stronger on her own and loves her as her sister. Her favourite food is the Melonpan. She admires Masami so much and later becomes the Hiyoshi Town Propellers trainee.

Appearance Edit

She has brown hair with a slight tone, layered past her shoulders. Her eyes are a warmer tone of turquiose.

She wears a teal, cropped jacket that reaches to her hips and is unfastened. Underneath this, she wears a pastel yellow dress where its ruffles are aligned in the centre along with buttons of different colours and patterns. She wears caramel boots and black socks that cover her calves. On her left thigh, she wears a black garter belt with violet stripes on the tips and light yellow frills. She also wears pastel blue goggles with dark grey straps and pinkish-red tinted lenses with a yellow bow design on the right len.

Personality Edit

Moritomo is apparently an ordinary girl but has a gentle and carefree personality. She is also likened to a "tsukkomi".


The protagonist and a new recruit of the Hiroshi Town Propellers. A childhood friend of Masami who seeks to grow stronger on her own.

Relationships Edit

Masami Utoku

She is childhood friends with her and refers to her as "Ma-chan". Nozomi looks up to Masami like an older sister and joins her vigilante group. She's the only one out of the Hiyoshi Town Propellers who didn't realize Masami is Maccha Green before it was publicly revealed.

Tomomori Moritomo and Hinayo Moritomo

She seems to be on amiable terms with her parents, as she is seen smiling with them. Her father is the one who convinces her mother to let her go on an adventure

Chiaya Misono

Yukina Kosaka

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Her childhood nickname was "Nonsuke" (ノンスケ?).
  • Her favorite food is melonpan.
  • She is featured in the promo art with a "Kamasaki" H1 Mach III.

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