I deserve the chance to worry about you.

Nozomi Moritomo
Nozomi Moritomo
Kanji 森友 望未
Romaji Moritomo Nozomi
English Nozomi Moritomo
Age 16
Nickname Nonsuke
Gender Female
Relatives Tomomori Morimoto (father)
Hinayo Moritomo (mother)
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Occupation Rest
Birthday May 09
Status Alive
Nationality Flag of Saitama Prefecture svgSaitama
Affiliate Hiyoshi Town Propellers
Previous Affiliate No
First Appearance
Debut Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Ari Ozawa
English Voice Felecia Angelle

Nozomi Moritomo (森友 望未 Moritomo Nozomi?) is the sole daughter of the Morimoto family and the protagonist of The Rolling Girls.She's a normal girl whose family runs the Moritomo Restaurant in Tokorozawa. She is also a new recruit of the Hiroshi Town Propellers and childhood friend of Masami who seeks to grow stronger on her own and loves her as her sister. She admires Masami so much and later becomes the Hiyoshi Town Propellers understudy.

Appearance Edit

She has brown hair with a slight tone, layered past her shoulders. Her eyes are a warmer tone of turquiose.

She wears a teal, cropped jacket that reaches to her hips and is unfastened. Underneath this, she wears a pastel yellow dress where its ruffles are aligned in the centre along with buttons of different colours and patterns. She wears caramel boots and black socks that cover her calves. On her left thigh, she wears a black garter belt with violet stripes on the tips and light yellow frills. She also wears pastel blue goggles with dark grey straps and pinkish-red tinted lenses with a yellow bow design on the right len.

★ Personality ★ Edit

Moritomo is apparently an ordinary girl but has a gentle and carefree personality. She is also likened to a "tsukkomi".


The protagonist and a new recruit of the Hiroshi Town Propellers. A childhood friend of Masami who seeks to grow stronger on her own.


Rolling girl

Nozomi rides her bike from school.


Nozomi drank a bottle of soda.


Nozomi talk to her mother.

In Episode 1, Nozomi rides her bike all the way home from school. As she arrive home, she met a mysterious girl in mask buy Takoyaki from her mother at the Tokorozawa Restaurant which is also her home. Nozomi puts on her Hiyoshi Town Propellers drank a bottle of soda, talk to her mother and put on her squad uniform before going out and in turn ask her mother allow her to purchase Takoyaki, Tayaki and Fried Dango to her teammates.
Nozomi blown away

Nozomi blown away.

When she arrived at the scene where Masami Utoku fights mano-a-mano against Kuniko Shigyou as Maccha Green, a force resulted by their hit during the battle blows off her teammate and herself into the air.

Nozomi lies on the field.

Masami and Nozomi on bike

Masami takes Nozomi home on her bike.

Later that evening, she was found lying on the field of the battle scene by Masami after her battle with Kuniko. Masami then takes Nozomi home on her bike that night, warn her not to get close when the Best are fighting and revealed her the moonlight stone she possess along the way. The next morning, after Nozomi cleanup the city's street with her teammate,
Reporting Hiyoshi

Nozomi reporting to Hiyoshi with her fellow rests.

they report the job's progress to Hitoshi when Yukina Kosaka's bike crashed in front of the propeller squad's headquarters.
Yukina at the HQ

Yukina at the Hiyoshi's headquarters.

Yukina was not hurt except she was thirsty. She was given a cup of water and told Nozomi and her teammate said that she is looking for the Hiyoshi's headquarters in which Nozomi and her fellow Rest told them that she is in the right place, but were shocked when they are informed by Yukina that she came from the nearby Keyakidai.


Yukina is officially member of Hiyoshi.

Yukina is officially accepted as Hiyoshi Town Propellers member and Nozomi quickly befriends her. Soon after, Yukari appears with the amusement park bus trying to lure them into the trap of Always Comina.


Is this a nice ride?


Or is "this" Nice ride? (Nozomi and her propellers member into the trap)

Apparently, Nozomi and her teammate enjoy the roller coaster ride very much, but as soon as Kuniko's crew member demolished the trap allowing the roller coaster to go for a second time, they just realized it is a trap.

In Episode 2, Nozomi asked Yukina about the condition of the roller coaster which Yukina reply that it was about to derail, the members of the Hiyoshi Town Propellers just realised that they are in danger. Masami came to rescue her rests but Kuniko and Yukari stops her. Nozomi and Yukina realized they are held as hostages by Higashi clan when Kuniko and Yukari order the roller coaster to stop and give Masami a chance to called Maccha Green for battle or else surrender to Tokorozawa. As the members of Hiyoshi talk to each other, Nozomi and Yukina realized they are held as hostages by Higashi clan.

Yukari and Kuniko then reveals to Masami that they have already knew that she is Maccha Green. The Hiyoshi members only started to realize this and that Masami's big secret as Maccha Green is revealed. Nozomi heard this and begin to became surprised. This rumour is spread among Higashi members, but Masami denies the fact she isn't Maccha and she can't fight. Kuniko then let off the roller coaster since Masami deny it and while the roller coaster was let off, Nozomi started figured out that Masami is Maccha.

The Hiyoshi members finally down to a coaster fright while elsewhere Masami is changing her Maccha Green outfit. The coaster changes route as the Takumi set up the trap. Kuniko bring Masami to a fight and instigate her for hiding the fact she was Maccha. Kuniko was unaware when Yukari tells her to stay off because Masami vomit will unleash a very strong force that defeats her.

Masami knocked down Kuniko and Maccha's mask fell off that herself is revealed, much to astonishment of everyone including Nozomi. Nozomi ask Masami why she wanted to hid her identity, Masami explains that this is because she wants to protect Nozomi ever since Nozomi was saved from drowning when they were young. Nozomi become worried and scolded Masami for foolish pushing her into fight between latter's fight with Kuniko to show Masami how worry she is.

Relationships Edit

Masami Utoku

She is childhood friends with her and refers to her as "Ma-chan". Nozomi looks up to Masami like an older sister and joins her vigilante group. She's the only one out of the Hiyoshi Town Propellers who didn't realize Masami is Maccha Green before it was publicly revealed.

Moritomo Tomomori and Moritomo Hinayo

She seems to be on amiable terms with her parents, as she is seen smiling with them. Her father is the one who convinces her mother to let her go on an adventure

Chiaya Misono

Yukina Kosaka

★ Gallery ★ Edit

★ Trivia ★ Edit

  • Her childhood nickname was "Nonsuke" (ノンスケ?).
  • Her favorite food is melonpan.
  • She is featured in the promo art with a "Kamasaki" H1 Mach III.

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