Yukari Otonashi
Japanese 響 逢衣
Romanized Yukari Otonashi
English Yukari Otonashi
Gender Female
Relatives N/A
Occupation Rest
Status Alive
Nationality Tokorozawa
First Appearance
Debut Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Nozomi Furuki
English Voice Trina Nishimura

Yukari Otonashi (音無 ゆかり Otonashi Yukari) is a character that appears in The Rolling Girls.

Appearance Edit

Yukari has the appearance of a young woman with short honey brown hair accessorized with a white bonnet. Her outfit colour scheme is of a beige, white and black. She wears a long, beige coat that fits well with her slim figure along with a white collar shirt and a rather small fleece scarf tied around her shoulders. A thin brown string is looped around twice on her waist and hips to touch upon her slim figure. Underneath her large coat, she wears a navy pleated skirt with matching navy leggings finished with knee high white boots. Her style looks to be reserved and chic.

Personality Edit

She is shown to be loyal and intelligent.


Shigyo Kuniko Edit

Kuniko trusts her judgement and is willing to rely on her. Implying they must have a very good relationship, as Otonashi is Kuniko's subordinate. Otonashi appears to deeply respect Kuniko and be in awe of her. She is especially in awe of Kunikos "good luck charm" which she finds beautiful.

In episode 2, she attempts to prevent Kuniko from remembering her past, implying that she might be connected with the suppression/alteration of her memories.

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