Yukina Kosaka
Yukina Kosaka
Japanese 小坂 結季奈
Romanized Kosaka Yukina
English Yukina Kosaka
Gender Female
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Occupation Rest
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Nationality Hiyoshi Town Propellers
First Appearance
Debut Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Rina Hidaka
English Voice Monica Rial

Yukina "Yukippe" Kosaka (小坂 結季奈 Kosaka Yukina) A tone-deaf runaway from the same town as Nozomi. Due to her shy personality, she is quite polite when speaking with others. She was once protected by the Suzumoto family.

Appearance Edit

She has light blue hair that falls just above her shoulders and blue eyes in a similar but slightly more vibrant shade. A notable feature of her is her large cap consisting of a blue, pink and white colour scheme.

She wears a thick, black jacket which is fastened fully and is decorated with a tiny yellow bow located between the collar. She wears a white, tulip style skirt with large gatherings at the end which is matched with her white boots.

Personality Edit

She is described to be an absent-minded girl to a point that it takes her three days to find the Hiyoshi Town Propellers headquarters even though she lives near it.

She is a polite when speaking with others due to her shy personality.


Lol get wrecked

Yukina fell off her bike after crashed in front of a squad headquarters.

In episode 1, from the suburb of Keyakidai, Yukina searches the Hiyoshi Town Propellers headquarters for three days and nights until one day the motorcycle she rides crashes in front of a squad headquarters. She arrived in an extremely exhausted condition and is taken to rest at the headquarters living room, only to find out that she is in the right place when being told by the propellers squad members, but are shocked to find out she is searching for the headquarters even she is from the nearby aforementioned Keyakidai suburb.

Yukina at the HQ

Yukina is brought into the Headquarters.


Yukina as member of Hiyoshi Town Propellers


Yukina dizzy after the ride.

She is immediately accepted as Hiyoshi Town Propellers member and Nozomi Morimoto quickly befriends with her. Crocodile ask her to fill in the membership application form when the bus piloted by Yukari Otonashi arrived to brought them to the amusement park which she do not know it is a trap like many other squad members. At first, she and her fellow teammates ride on a roller coaster which turns out to be smooth. Yukina is dizzy after the ride. But as Kuniko Shigyou's men set a trap and allowed the roller coaster to go for the second time, she is among the squad members to realized the trap they are in.

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Trivia Edit

  • Her childhood nickname was "Yukippe."
  • Her favourite food is sushi with sake
  • She drives a Honda CB Series motorcycle
  • She plays a left-handed guitar in the opening
  • She doesn't like roller coasters.